The company Nutrivet dooel - Skopje was established in 2003 with the main activity for collection, purchase, selection of packaging waste such as paper, plastic, glass and wood, delivery of the same to companies engaged in the production of these recycled raw materials. br> We export this large amount of packaging waste, due to transport efficiency, to nearby countries such as Slovenia, Serbia, Greece, Hungary, Kosovo, Turkey and Bulgaria.
We also purchase waste paper from neighboring countries such as Albania, Bulgaria, Kosovo and export it through re-export.
We export packaging waste to the following companies:
- Vipap Videm Krsko– Slovenia
- SmurFit Kappa - Serbia
- MEL - Greece
- Hamburger Recycling Group GmbH - Austria
- Sonoko - Greece
- Vipa - Greece
- Modern Carton - Turkey
- Uni Trade - Bulgaria
- Reks - Kosovo < / br> The most important sector in the company is the collection of waste paper in Macedonia. For that purpose, through cooperation with the companies that make paper packaging waste, with the utility companies and the waste, as well as with the printing houses, in almost all cities in Macedonia we manage to collect 15,000 tons of paper per year.
We have the biggest activity in Skopje. We cooperate with all major markets and companies such as Vero, Ramstore, City Mall, Kam Market, Pivara Skopje, Alkaloid and many others. The collection system takes place mainly through containers placed in the companies that are picked up by special vehicles and carried to our plots where the packaging waste is selected and bailed. Waste paper is purchased from individuals and legal entities on the same plots. Nutrivet has all the necessary licenses to work with waste paper for selection and storage, trade, transport and export.
To raise environmental awareness among citizens and especially the youngest, children, to collect waste paper we are involved in projects organized by the company Pakomak, which is the first licensed by the state company for management of packaging and packaging waste. Many paper collecting stations have been set up, especially in schools, and through organized actions, the youngest have been instilled and explained the need for protection of the environment and nature.
The main activity in the veterinary sector is import and distribution of veterinary preparations throughout Macedonia.


Maintaining and optimizing the use of secondary raw materials is more important than ever. NUTRIVET ® trades in secondary raw materials globally.
Through our operations we help reduce the consumption of natural raw materials. In that way we contribute to the protection and strengthening of the environment and the associated quality of life for future generations, as well as for the future sustainability of our company.


NUTRIVET ® is becoming a leading company for trading in secondary raw materials in the region.

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