links supply and demand in the packaging waste business.


NUTRIVET ® connects supply and demand in the waste paper business.
Thanks to our network, we have access to waste paper of all classes included in the EN 643 list of waste paper classes and we can provide all types of paper you need at all times.
Our offer ranges from newspapers, magazines and telephone books, (corrugated) cardboard, sawdust, woodless paper, mixed paper and cardboard packaging.
We buy paper and sell it in the manufacturing industry on paper and cardboard, where waste paper is processed to create new products.
In this way, waste paper is effectively used as a secondary raw material.


We buy and sell all kinds of plastics and films. These include PET bottles, buckets, large bags, agricultural film, composite foil, lashing straps, waste containers, bumper elements, retractable lids, stretch films, granule bags, transport crates. is appropriate, we sell it to the processing industry, where used plastic is processed to create new products. In this way, we help ensure and optimize the recycling of valuable raw materials.


In addition to our main markets for waste paper and used plastic, we also trade in glass and wood. The possibilities are many, and your individual requests will be met accordingly.

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