Nutrivet Company LLC - Skopje was founded in 2003 with the principal purpose for the collection, purchase, selection of waste paper and deliver it to the companies that deal with producing paper from recycled paper as raw material. Such companies unfortunately in our country we do not currently and why this paper are exporting because cost transportation and nearby surrounding countries such as Slovenia, Serbia, Greece, Hungary. Also performs purchase of waste paper from neighboring countries such as Albania Bulgaria, Kosovo and through the re-export are exporting. Waste paper export to the following companies:

- Vipap Videm Krsko - Slovenija
- Umka - Srbija
- MEL - Grcija
- Hamburger Recycling Group GmbH - Avstrija

First sector in the company's collection of waste paper in Macedonia. To that end by cooperating with companies that make paper packaging waste, utilities and waste, as well as printing in almost all cities of Macedonia managed to collect 10,000 tons of paper annually.

The greatest activity have in Skopje. We cooperate with all major markets and enterprises as Vero, Ramstore Mall, City Mall, Kam Market, Pivara Skopje, Alkaloid and many others. Collection system takes place primarily through the containers placed in enterprises with special vehicles are lifted and carried our lots in Butel and Lepenec where paper is sorted and baled. The same is done lots and purchase of waste paper from individuals and legal entities. Nutrivet company has all necessary licenses to work with waste paper and the selection and storage of trade, transport and export the same.

Raising environmental awareness among citizens and especially among the youngest children, to collect old paper we are involved in projects organized by the company Pakomak, which is the first company licensed by the state to manage packaging and packaging waste. Placed many collection stations for paper primarily in schools and through the organized actions of their youngest planted and explains the necessity to protect the environment and nature.
 Veterinary section where import and distribution of veterinary preparations companies Norbrook - Northern Ireland Golashfarma- Bulgaria CZVeterinaria - Spain.